Optimize your fleet with our dedicated route services

Reduce cost, offload risk, and outsource your delivery complexity to Curri. With our dedicated routes services, our trucks and drivers arrive daily to deliver to all of the stops you need to deliver to.

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True fleet elasticity with dedicated trucks & drivers for scheduled & recurring routes

Scale up, scale down

Keep up with your ever growing demand and expand your reach

Minimize overhead

Reduce driver-related HR challenges and flex your deliveries on a per-need basis

Stop waiting & save

No longer wait to add a new truck in your fleet and eliminate capital expenditures

Trained, insured, and background checked local drivers

When you use Curri, you’re getting matched with drivers who are more than qualified to handle your deliveries. We have network drivers all over the nation, who are familiar with your area and oftentimes are familiar with your industry.

Logistics flexibility on every level

Curri offers you flexibility that just can’t be beaten. Local drivers can handle LTL and FTL transport, daily deliveries, round-robins, milk runs, on-route pickups, and much more. We offer a vast and varied fleet of vehicles, you’re able to select the exact vehicle you need to make your deliveries.


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With our dedicated services you get a truck, a driver, route planning software, proof-of-delivery, and live-tracking all for a price that makes sense for you and your bottom line. Vehicles stay overnight on your lot to be loaded and are ready to go in the morning, just like your own trucks. A driver shows up daily at a designated time and is on their way. Simple as that.

Optimize your fleet with Curri's dedicated delivery platform

Assets, labor, and operational liabilities are assumed by us, while you maintain budget authority and strategic control — a win-win for everyone

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What Is Dedicated Trucking?

Dedicated trucking refers to a transportation service that provides a dedicated truck and driver exclusively for a single customer, typically for a specific route or set of routes.

What Is Dedicated Logistics?

Dedicated logistics is a transportation and logistics service that focuses on providing customized, dedicated solutions for a single customer's shipping needs.

Do Dedicated Routes Include Multi-Stops and Pick-Ups?

Dedicated routes can include multi-stops and pick-ups, depending on the specific requirements of the customer and the agreed-upon terms of the service.

What Types of Dedicated Delivery Vehicles Does Curri Offer?

Curri offers a range of dedicated delivery vehicles, including cargo vans, straight trucks, and tractor-trailers, to accommodate various shipment sizes and types.

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